I have compiled this list of easy to follow tutorials, that may help you in your scrapbooking journey. I hope you find them as useful as I do!

I personally use Paint Shop Pro, and only use Photoshop when it's required (usually to create a blinkie or edit something that was saved in a photoshop format), but most of these can be tweaked across both platforms. Feel free to email me, I am happy to help where I can.

Full disclosure: Tutorials by people/designers I am associated with, their initials have been added after the link. But I do only add tutorials here because I found them useful.

Using Scatter Function with Brush

Savings Layouts for the Web in PSCS4 (for submitting to online galleries) (CMG)
Warping Dropshadows (CMG)
PS Shortcut for Moving Elements (CMG)
PS Load Files into Stack (CMG)
Pen Tool (CMG)
PS Display Image Twice in Window (CMG)

Paint Shop Pro
Converting Photoshop Brushes for Paint Shop Pro
Create Pencil Sketch
Brush Variances

How to use a Template for Beginners
Creating Text Path
How to Fake Doodle Circles


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