Each products/designs TOU are included in the download zip/rar file and I can be contacted at the email listed in the file. I am happy to help out in anyway I can. Terms are also loosely described in the blog posts that they designs feature in.

These are the basics (If you are unsure, check the TOU read me or email me, I don't bite!)

Personal Use:
Use it for yourself. Your personal photo albums, personal scrapbooking, personal card making etc. If its personal, it goes here. (Yes, gifts are ok)

Scrap for Hire/Others:
Someone asks you to make something and you say 'sure, but I want something in return for it'.... it goes here. 
This includes small scale at-home printing type things. Want to hand make some cards for a local fair or market? You are good to go. 
Your mums-friends-niece wants you to make a Christmas card for her cat, but she doesn't want to pay you anymore than $5, even though it will take you at least a couple of hours. But 'you should be glad for the work and you should really be doing it free because her mum knows your mum so you are, like, totally friends and she could buy a card at the supermarket for $1 so it can't cost that much to make'... I would laugh, but that goes here too.

Commercial Use:
Digital stuff goes here. Making anything that can be downloaded and/or reproduced quickly and easily belongs in this category. 
Using the card example above.... Printing off things and assembling them by hand goes up there, making a digital layout/card then mass printing goes here. Quick pages, kits, templates, overlays, digital downloads and all the rest is part of this category. 
This also includes using it in a commercial aspect, without actually selling what you make. Including, but not limited to logos, web/blog design, business presence (cards, fliers, pamphlets etc).

CU4CU (commercial for commercial):
Whatever. Just don't use them for immoral or illegal things. Please.

If there is something you like, but the terms of use don't match what you want to do, email me. I am a nice person and if there is recognition and link backs, I am probably likely to say yes. Just ask! Who knows, I might even be able to whip something up just for you!

Hope you enjoy my designs!


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