Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Over at MScraps, they had a Black Friday Super Special sale weekend, and there were some awesome goodies up for grabs! This mini kit by Grace Bennett Designs has gorgeous grey shades with pops of bright blue and pink.

I took this photo of a fairy scultpure in our backyard. We have had it for a couple of years. Dave's friend bought it for us for Christmas2 years ago, and he snuck it into our backyard and sat it on top of a tree stump. We noticed it a few days later and its gorgeous. One day we were playing football in the backyard and I kicked the ball too hard, and you can see where this is going. The poor thing didn't stand much of a chance against what Dave calls 'my Aussie genes' (read: I am strong). So Dave glued her back together and set her on the ground. She has a few bits growing in her wings now, but I feel like it lends a little more to the garden-fairy vibe. The original photo is down after the layout.

I turned the photo black & white, then used the effect 'Artistic Brush' on PSP for the photo. I used a 50% overlay setting and masked it to blend it into the background a bit more. 

Shades of... Mini Kit by Grace Bennett Designs
Photo Masks Brushed II by Grace Bennett Designs


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