Thursday, 5 December 2013

I love Christmas. I love the heat, family, friends, food, booze, lights, presents (giving and receiving of course) and I really love decorating in December. So far we have 3 sets of fairy lights up, but there is more to come. The tree is up and decorated, knick knacks are out and about, I am working on my Christmas outfit and apron (a yearly occurance. Don't judge me). I love the season and everything about it.

When I saw these templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs, I knew I had to work with them and make them amazing. I am actually thinking about creating a few of these tree one in different paper styles, replace the photo with paper and take out the journal card, just have them as paper trees. Then print and mount them for decorations around the house.

Jingle All the Way Templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs
So This is Christmas Kit by Dunia Designs
So This is Christmas Journaling Cards by Dunia Designs
Staple not included in kit.


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