Saturday, 16 November 2013

This makes number 4 with Linen Solids... Seriosuly, go get them. You will not regret it!!

When I started with this layout, I simply did one brushed mask layer, and I realised it looked like a quickly painted canvas, so I went with that and 'painted' the entire 'canvas'.

To get everything to line up (as you would expect on a canvas painting), I had my layout layer opened, then opened the paper I wanted to use (Linen Solids). I moved, resized and adjusted the mask on the blank paper I had just opened, to where I wanted it to correspond on the layout. Once I had it where I wanted it, I removed the excess paper, then merged the mask layer and took note of the X and Y axis positions. Then, I copy and pasted it onto my layout, and typed in the X and Y co-ordinates. It moved automatically and presto! Perfect line up.

A couple of the papers I did have to go back to the origianl and adjust before putting it back on my layout, because I wanted it bigger/smaller or decided to flip the mask. But it was worth it to have it lined up and look like a painted canvas!

I then used Studoi Romys rolled mask to keep with the painting theme, but allow more of the photo to show through without loss of definition around the edges.

I reduced the opcatiy (rather then overlay) the word scrawl to allow some texture to peek through, but not enough to loose it.


Linen Solids bundle vol. 1 by Erica Zwart
Brushed Masks II by Grace Bennett Designs
Wordy Lined by Grace Bennett Designs
Floral Stamps by Grace Bennett Designs
Rolled Masks vol. 1 by Studio Romy


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