Sunday, 17 November 2013

I love calendars. I don't know why, I don't really use them to take notes, but I definitely use them to make sure I know what day it is! There are so many ones with awesome photos, we have 2 in our lounge room. One is still on September because I love the picture, the other one is accurate for November.

Meta Wulandari has a calendar. This is my first page of Meta Wulandari's 2014 Calendar. And layout 5 for Linen Solids. I turned Grace Bennetts wordy lined into a wire word because I felt it fit a bit better. I have decided to co-ordinate months with photos from the same month. These photos were from January 5th 2011. Ready for January next year :)

Pure Calendar by Meta Wulandari
Linen Solids Bundle vol. 1 by Erica Zwart
Wordy Lined by Grace Bennett Designs
Offbeat Template Pack by Jimbo Jambo Designs

Font (Jan 2014): Janda Safe and Sound (By Kimberely Geswein)


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